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Treatment of Schizophrenia:

A good doctor

Find one who is recommended by other doctors or by families with a schizophrenic member; a doctor who combines "technical competence with an interest in the disease and empathy with its sufferers."


When acutely ill, the schizophrenic person should be hospitalized in an accredited hospital where the doctor of choice is affiliated or has privileges. This provides the clinical setting needed for observation, testing, differential diagnosis, and initiation of medication under the supervision of trained staff. It also protects the patient from injury to self or to others - and gives family members an often needed respite after the crisis.

Alternatives to hospitalization

Treatment for a relapse can sometimes be given in the emergency room, clinic, or the patient's home with the use of injectable drugs. A skilled physician can dramatically reduce the psychotic symptoms in approximately half of schizophrenic patients within 6 to 8 hours. Partial hospitalization in day treatment centers or night hospitals is also a good alternative where available.

Commitment procedures