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Insanitazia: the realm, or 'sphere/plane' of vibration achieved by certain 'unusual types of mentality'. Also, the insane and it's collective.

The Nature of the Concept of The Insanitazation Nation is that it is intended, at least in part, to bring together minds of alikeness, organizing as would a lost tribe of some strange world. This and what follows as an example of an insanitazian literature, could be conceived as the Insanitazian International Manifesto and related articles.

Introduction relating to 'insanity and mysticism':

As a preschool minded Hermeticist, the universe and reality can be seen in ways of 'vibration' and their various ways of manifesting. There is said to be a collective subconscious of all living humans, (and a collective consciousness) in all languages, that has as yet to be tapped in to and is only now being given some kind of recognition that there may exist such things; correlatives appearing in 'psychotic states' which indicate commonalities in the mental system of these parallel experiental 'peoples affected by psychosis'. These are 'planes/spheres/realms' of thought experienced by a person, and it is like tuning in part of the intuitive self system that achieves a vibration synchronous to that of whatever is micro-bioelectrically-receivable by the experiencer's mind that activates a psychosis reaction…accessing in some way the soul-collective of mankind at times (and other states) and if out of control and harmful as experientialities for the mind, may be managed with medications if recurring uncontrollably.

Here also must be clarifyied a part mentioned earlier: this is the fact that 'being brought together by the Insanitazian International Society' does not involve anything like actively burning calories for someone else. The Nation is simply a description of a potential 'Society'; with a hint of 'Utopian' idealisms. No letters need be exchanged, no outward communications needed, this source of the growing Manifesto should evolve naturally and logically enough for anyone to update their awareness of this exclusive Society here at this website. (It must be mentioned, however, that communication and the power of words could be exercised among it's Members and thus crystallizing Society Movements...).

The Insanitazian International Society:

Inclusive is the foundation belief system for this type of society to 'function' within all the multitudes of other societies. Noting among the definition of the IIS the fact that insanity (affects) its members. It is important to realize as a singular among a system that 'insanity is ok'. It is simply a matter of harnessing alternative thought processes into 'modes/ways of thinking' which are not as debilitating as many who have had chance to experience; and/or as well as the attendance of mental health care professionals.
Here also the documentarian mentions that 'insanity' does not only occur within 'mental illness/health circles' only, but also as well in public societies, globally. The fact is, there are more than the estimated approx. 2.5% of the population which have been subjected to some degree of 'insanity/psychosis' or another.

Now must be considered another point, at least to this writer's mind. This is the fact which must be dealt with: what is the benefit of being a member of The Insanitazian International Society? Well, the answer is this: by the time this Society and its Members begin to coagulate, the creative powers of the Society's Collective should be able to democratically come up with rewarding aspects of this Group, especially given that the Membership is driven by such creative minds as those touched by the edge of reality. (or beyond!).

The Insanitazian International Society is a combination of a number of factors, determined by it's Membership, which include people of a type of reasoning/mentality who have experienced a wall of perceptional windows, mirrors and lenses rather than a perceptional wall of opaqueness which is the mentality of the commonality.