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established July 17.2002.

the novadyn series of web pages are proudly made in canada

these pages are intended for use as both a self assistance source of information relating to the mental illness known as schizophrenia, and some other autobiographical information provided as scenery. I hope this site will educate many, please feel free to bookmark this place and if you have an extra minute or two please sign my guestbook....I enjoy reading others' perspectives.


Questions to ask the psychiatrist: a checklist for families of patients with Schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders
Schizophrenia: Understanding the disorder
Psychosis: You should know...
webmaster's autobiographics
A dragon image collection
the Insanitazian International Society
the second generation of novadyn web pages > > >
link to ; probably north america's largest mental health internet informations web sites. thousands of members.
a website exhibitting an unusual style of written expression
link to a piece of literature called " Psychiatry's Unholy Trinity - Fraud, Fear and Force, a Personal Account
link to a website dealing with mysticisms in Psychiatry and other 'meta-religion'
this is a link to a photo gallery of people who are afflicted by schizophrenia and other relatives, members of the chat rooms and site.
this is a download of the IRC chat client program called mIRC version 6.03, modified to hook easily to a text chat room hosted by All that need be done is download the 'modmIRC' program to somewhere on your hard drive, then double click it and let it install naturally, and you will be prompted to choose a nickname and room # to enter....we are mainly in #GenDiscussions





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