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Essay7: Experiments in 'telepathy'.

This story I relate to you, the reader, is fact. Not fiction. In my twenties I began research into mystical sciences, and came across a most rare piece of literature that changed my belief systems. And may have even altered my mind somehow.

The book was an original "Hermetics" manual for the initiate, and was printed hundreds of years ago. Recovered from egypt, by its reputation, and composed by 'Hermes', egyptian deity they believe granted them wisdoms of architecture and engineerings, star relationships, magical formulas, etc. etc.

So that is the background to this essay. I had abandoned my home town on a mental signal or something, seeing visions and visiting every church in that town, I was drinking, overloading myself....and had become delirious. I quit a perfectly good union job at a large grocery store chain to come to the city of Vancouver, in western Canada.

The day I arrived here happened to coincide with a global economic conference of some sort, involving Boris Yeltsin, Brian Mulroney and I'm pretty sure it was Ronald Reagan at the meeting. 3 powers, anyways. Canada, Russia, and U.S.A. met here, and while walking around the city found roads blocked off, police everywhere, much excitement where I found myself.

So, the downtown core was like a zoo, I found myself walking outward from the center of the city across this bridge which gives you a view of mountains all the way to beaches. I was delighted, and still delirious.

I made it a half mile more or so past that viewing point on the bridge, when suddenly an idea came to my head. If there was such a thing as telepathy, and it was relatively inherent in all of us, wouldn't these world leaders have telepathic circles around them to protect them from hi tech terrorists to big leaders?

Ah Ha I found myself thinking. I would perform an operation, telepathically, and see if I could cause an effect.

So I focused upon the fancy hotel that they were all at at the time I was where I was where I was at (a phone booth near a gas station), and tried to send each of them a message, on mental energy waves. (The experiment is technical, and many realizations must be made in order to effect even the tiniest of a difference, so I won't write here the technical aspects.)

It was hot, I repeated the signal to all three of them about 10 times, and got bored so I walked a little ways across the intersection to sit down in the doorway of a business.

About 10 minutes later, an army jeep drives up to the phone booth I had just departed from, loaded with army guys. They all jumped out, faced outward in a circle around the jeep, and one guy went up to the phone booth and did something with the phone.

Then they all jumped back in the jeep and drove a U turn and went back the way they came.

So I ask myself: coincidence??