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Welcome to essay 6:

The Story of Captain Boomerang:

It happened one evening during pumpkin season, just before halloween, when i had taken to the streets at night because i wasn't sleeping very well at the time so i had to walk myself tired. I was not on my medications, and in a bit of a delirium.

As it happened, I was at a petroleum station where there was a large cardboard crate of pumpkins, and there were two bicycle police officers nearby, and I remember being caught up again in my psychoses of the inclusion of God, Satan, Jesus, and myself and the dimensions which arise out of that kind of contemplation/compulsory thought.

Earlier, I had come across a group of bicycle police and said if they are serving the people why don't they just blow the heads off of 'Hells Angels' members as they were obviously the most blatant criminals anywhere nearly, and if they are sworn servants of Satan they might as well be killed and sent to him with expedience.

And so I was in this mode again one evening, and I told the two bicycle police officers what the Hell's Angels do and I was going to use a pumpkin to show them for some reason...(its hilarious..) and the male cop (there was a male and female) screams out at me: 'Put That Pumpkin Down !!!' so I did, slowly, and then I loudly asked: 'Why, are you going to shoot me?' and he yells out: 'Not Yet'... so internally I was laffing like crazy, so I yell out: ' I Witness, This Police Officer Just Made A Death Threat To Me !!!' and he comes over, roughly puts my in handcuffs. (It just so happened that a major hospital with a large psychiatry facility built in was near) and he and his partner take me to the hospital.

After they search me practically on the way, I had no identification on me, and the male cop asks: 'what's your name?!'

I said: ' Captain Boomerang'.

So we continue to the hospital, it was just across the alley, and we get inside the emergency area, with two cops with me.

Just before we enter the hospital though, I had said to the male cop: ' Whatever you do, lie. '

So we're in there, and he yells out: ' Has anyone seen Captain Boomerang here before???' and the place ROARED.

He must have felt like an idiot. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.

No one said they knew me, though I had been in and out of the psych wards of that hospital about 12 times since I was let go...

end of part I

Part II:

Around the same part of the season, but after the hospital boomerang name incident, I was walking one evening down a street filled with shops and shoppers, bars, etc. and the nightlife was alive with people.

I was still unable to sleep properly and my delirium intensified. As I was walking, I came across two younger guys just sitting on the side of the side-walk, (they looked stoned), and I asked if I could sit with them I had to show something to them.

They nod and grin, I sit down, and we watch the streetlife go by. Then a police man on a bicycle comes up the sidewalk, (there is now a by-law in this city no panhandling and no actual sitting on the sidewalks or private properties) but he did not give us any trouble. He seemed strange somehow, but he singled me out there sitting on the ground and he says: 'You're a pretty good actor!'. I did and still do not know what he meant by that, but I just smiled and said I don't know what you mean....he let it go and pedalled on up the street, grinning....

So I'm sitting there, with these two younger guys, and I pull out a pill bottle filled with rubber bands big enough to wear around your wrist.

(I had been engaged in mental experiment operations statistics gathering wearing rubber to ground my cell structure from outside electrical interferences over the years, and this one night I just decided to go out and tell someone about it and make it funny at the same time)

I tell the guy next to me the theory of collecive vs. singular consciousness/bodyconsciousness by electrical grounding using the world's energy grid as a reason to try these things...only I simplified it more for him and gave him details about what kinds of things our bodies go through with all the real energy pollution all around us...

I told him the next time he was bored sitting on the streetside to give out rubber bands to people and tell them of the world wide energy grid and how mind control is not far away, etc. etc., and i had this bottle cap from a bottle of australian swill sugar beer with funny little gold boomerangs on plain yellow circles, made for funny little officianado buttons, so i also gave him one of those, and said, 'if anyone asks your name, tell them its 'Captain Boomerang' and I slid the bottle cap toward him and he was laughing while being really high and loved the joke and said ok.

I got up and left, mission complete.

So watch out...boomerangs return...

Thus the story of Captain Boomerang.