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Essay 5: theory of bi-dimensional existence/ astral reality in common physicality:

As a 34 year old geomancer/alchemist entrepeneur, I have come across many a strange doctrine on many aspects of occultisms and mysticisms. Even as far as researching demonologies, biblical sources, hermetics, tibetan/egyptian books of the dead in parts, some Alice Bailey, Crowley, and even the Necronomicon, and more.

But as much as I read during my youth, the only thing which sparked my interest in all this mysticism was the fact that there existed a dual plane of existence upon which our Astral Selves move and have being, and when once recognized it was possible to move the Astral Self to this world, and thus double a person's presence here in this world if this 'integration' occured properly.

To be factual about my own experiments, it takes years of practice. And I mean at least 10. In my case, anyways. I developed my Astral Self, and though this may sound grandiose, I will risk it to say anyway, I have chosen to use my Astral Self to discover the two sides of darkness and light, and to Be, somehow, on the 'side of the Light'. In other words, I trained to fight the demons I came across.

I would go into this 'mental zone'.

(first entry: 07.19.02)